Minyong Doyeon

We Got Married Minyong Doyeon Ep 8 Engsub


  1. Soeum


  2. Pseunonymous

    I should not watch it while its raw. I stopping myself not to watch but my heart won’t let me do it! SO MUCH LOVE FOR THESE TWO!

  3. Anonymous

    This couple is the shortest in the wgm ever..

    • Anonyyy

      Ikr! Only 9 eps. But they really give us those natural feels hope you really watch them though haha

  4. Anonymous

    eng sub faster please!!

  5. "Adikueen" aka "Anonymous"

    I cannot. he is trying to propose unconsciously. The song for his future wife. He said he is even amazed at himself, buying kaonashi-looking items wherever he goes.

    • Anonymous

      Haha aww so sweet, she says Why didn’t I meet him earlier, now he’s 41. And she also said she wanted to do his next birthday.
      WHY do they have to cancel the show NOW? I’ll forgive the show if they end up dating.

      • Adikueen aka Anonymous

        they will date for sure, they are not at the age where they would play. I think they have already fallen in love with each other.

  6. Anonyyy

    subs are outtt time to watch

  7. Anonymous

    Minyong is soo handsome..

    • Adikueen aka Anonymous

      … and sweeet. The way he talks to DY is just sweet over the phone.

    • Anonyyy

      He’s getting more handsome every ep. While doyeon has lighten her make-up hmmm hahhaa loveeee

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