SeHo CaoLu

We Got Married SeHo CaoLu Ep 2 Engsub


  1. Anonymous

    please sub this

  2. Anonymous

    This was funny but not funny enough to replace ten minutes worth of SungJoy moments. TT TT

  3. Someone

    I love Seho and CaoLu is my bias in Fiestar.. buuut in this episode she was a bit too much. What if Seho has brand items.. Like he has been working really hard to just be known as a comedian in Korea. He was amazingly lucky to gain fame in China as well. So, as I said he works really hard in a really difficult industry, it doesn’t matter if he wants to spend his money on brand clothing and shoes. It has been shown he is a great son and he even gives money to his family who has been really supportive of him. And at least for me it was kinda annoying how CaoLu kept on pointing those were BRAND items and how he HAD TOO MUCH…

    • Daphne

      I don’t think that they really meant it. Couse they are aware that this is a programme and they are just trying to act like a real couple. I like the way that she tried to organize their newly married life.

  4. Anonymous

    Excuse me, where is eps 1?

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