SeHo CaoLu

We Got Married SeHo CaoLu Ep 22 Engsub


  1. Anonymous

    Se Ho initiated lots of skinship. He kind of looks awkward but he was trying his best not to be. Hahaha cute

  2. my favorite couple!

  3. they at the best age to have their own baby

  4. G.D.

    When i say they look so good 2gether’thats what i mean’ cus they really look like they re’amarried in real life ‘they should just finish this program&get married cus it comes very natural2this couple they dont need2fake it..cus it seem so real..nice1 guys..good going.

  5. Anonymous

    wtf they left their kids alone with a random couple they just met?

  6. Anonymous

    The kids are so cute. I love this couple, but that was a bad idea to leave your kids with random strangers .

    • Anonymous

      It’s seen as normal in Korea. They’re most trusting of others and plus they had a camera crew with them SOO..

  7. Haneefah

    well .. there was a lot of skinship :3
    and her bday is coming up.. its either for that.. or.. idk..

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