Sleepy GukJoo

We Got Married Sleepy GukJoo Ep 22 Engsub


  1. Anonymous

    I wish they would do more skinship
    I love this couple so much

    • 4N93L

      I know how their lack of skinship can be so frustrated sometimes hahaha but that’s what makes them different with other couples. I’m crazy about this couple and have been thinking about it too hahaha and these are some of my thoughts regarding their skinship:
      •they’re real people with real friendship, this is not just work for them, they need to be careful not to ruin whatever relationship that they have now.
      •just like Sleepy said he wants to do everything (a kiss??)on his own free will and if they always do it because people force him to or just for a game, she will missunderstand his intention (whether he’s serious or not).
      •unlike us viewers~who’s just down to 2 more episodes to go~they’re enjoying the whole process of WGM without the time restrain (only limited to certain episodes so let’s do this skinship kinda thing)

      In the end I love them just the way they are as a couple~it’s waaaayyy better than those who have tons of skinship on the show but turns out never contact each other outside WGM or end up dating other people just after their WGM ends.

      • fafain

        reading this, there were tears in my eyes..i want this kind of friendship in my marriage, someday..i think i might cry watching this last two ep..

        • 4N93L

          Are you @fainread…? Hi I’m @loveseulgook don’t be so sad~they’re gonna be just fine.. <3

          • fafain

            yes hahaha i bet there’s a load of sleepers here haha

          • hedwig

            you are @loveseulgook? often see you on instagram ^^

      • Vb ^^

        Well said! No need tons of skinship just for the shake of the show..
        What’s the meaning of the skinship if they’re not really mean to do it, just because of the ‘social skinship standard’ created within the show? Nah~
        They already lovable just the way they were anyway. Their relationship, the way they enjoy the show, the way they treasure each other, seems like love makes perfect the two imperfect persons ❤

  2. Anonymous

    yuww26 T

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