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We Got Married SungJae Joy Ep 38 Engsub


  1. icha

    why in my phone is can’t working?

  2. Anonymous

    Why are these videos so bad at loading? They just don’t want to play

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    stan btob

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  5. Anonymous

    I’m near the end and I’m nervous. I’ve heard so much about this couple and I’ve got to admit, they’re good. They have the chemistry, they look fantastic together, and the best part? They make it work. For two people in a “virtual” marriage, a lot of scenes made me forget that this wasn’t real, that this was a reality show. It makes it easier to understand why many people think what Sungjae and Joy shared was real—and the crazy thing is, you can see that at least some of it.

    I think that’s what angers me about this TV show: that it’s a “virtual” marriage—that it isn’t real. No matter how much the viewers desire the opposite, the couple will always separate. There’s a time limit, as crude as it sounds, and that’s . . . sad. Because while many of the idols who starred here may be great actors, there’s only so much acting one can do until it’s real.

  6. Anonymous

    I can’t even watch the video…it just loads…ugh

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