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We Got Married SungJae Joy Ep 42 Engsub


  1. Anonymous


  2. Goddess of Death

    What if one of the BTS’s members gets married in this program?? i’d surely kill them all… Except only if I was the wife wahahha… Sungjae Oppa is my bias and I let them have him, but not V or anyone else coming from BTS


      I KNOW RIGHT!!!!

    • Patanana

      ughhh my ultimate bias is Taehyung too but I’d love to watch him here lol that’ll be a suicide for me tho

    • kasih

      Sungjae is also my bias, but because joy is so cute,,, and they looked like have a true feeling for each other,,, so i let them to have a nice and happy relationship,,, hope they will have a really real relationship after this wgm

    • Anonymous

      I will be a cold corpse by now if that happens to be jungkook

      • GeeGeeGee

        I like BTS but I wouldnt cry if they get in a relationship dafuq….

    • Anonymous

      I would love to see them here though, as long as the girl has good personality and is also pretty then why not? Let’s not be the close-minded type of fan please.

  3. finnah

    favor couple <3 <3 ppyu

  4. PzD

    Why can’t i watch this? Why the connection is untrusted? What should i do?

  5. Y

    They truly are a beautiful couple. I miss them so much I hope they have a reunion or something.

  6. Jenong judes yul poenya

    Sungjoy Comeback please….

  7. Anonymous

    wow the recent comment.. im not alone missing them

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