SungJae Joy

We Got Married SungJae Joy Ep 42 Engsub


  1. LovefromPhilippines♡

    I can say i’m a Sungjoy shipper now. T.T I hope this two will come true someday. I’ll wait for that day eonni and oppa.

    • Anonymous

      I really hope too. I love them so much! The best couple for me! <3

    • Ña

      Welcome to the sungjoy shippers ;>

  2. Anonymous

    I hope they get married.

  3. how to download this file with Phone???

  4. Hopia for Bbyu

    Tang ina talaga people di uso ang move on sakin para sa dalawang ito huhu get married for real please!!!!! T_T

    • Anonymous

      wala daw sila feelings for each other

      • ppyu couplet

        Pano mo nasabi? He cried while thinking of her on one of his video I saw.

  5. 육진숙

    I really love this song ❤️❤️ Hyunsik is such a legend!!

  6. Anonymous

    bat ganun ayaw maplay??

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