TaeJoon Bomi

We Got Married TaeJoon Bomi Ep 15 Engsub


  1. TAQI

    Answer If You Know, Please
    what does it mean ” I regret when I watch scary films!”?

    I really didn’t understand it when Bomi ssi said it and I think Taejoon ssi does’t ask many thing that he should!

    • aspmn

      She regrets it because she can’t sleep or gets scared after watching scary movies. Last time she had to sleep in Chorong’s room after watching a horror movie. She loves horror/zombie films but easily gets scared. I guess she loves the adrenaline rush. That’s how she is usually she gets easily but then later on enjoys it.

    • its me

      She said because she scares but at the same time she loves to watch them…

  2. Silver pearl

    Then I decided to download all of thier episode. GHAD! I know no one will do that to me like taejoon did to bomi. (I’m like TT)

  3. MyHeart

    OMG i wonder where the ballon go??

  4. Anonymous

    anyone know the name of bgm when bomi surprised and flyaway ?

  5. richrichk

    Where’s the eps 14 ? Just ask

  6. georgina

    so slow to load..

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