TaeJoon Bomi

We Got Married TaeJoon Bomi Ep 19 Engsub


  1. gRaCe

    Bomi and Tae Joon is LOVE ^_^

  2. M

    Love taebom

  3. Anonymous

    there’s no sub yet.. i will waiting till tommorow for the sub

  4. pinkpandaaa

    I love APINK!!!!!

  5. emgphils

    Tae-Bom segment just 23 mins. – it feels too short . . . . perhaps because I was laughing all the time with their antics. APink members are so active very suitable for Tae-Bom’s liveliness too.
    Okay, let’s wait for the subbed one, I need to know what they were saying specially at the BRIs ~ looks interesting, specially that of Tae Joon’s ~

  6. Anonymous

    I hope all apink pandas will be supportive with taebom couple their chemistry is really lovable i hope they can last upto 50 episodes so can get to know each other better and have more fun together.

  7. gRaCe

    I think APink is complaining about Bomi’s avoiding Tae Joon’s skinship especially during the camping event and christmas as well? And Bomi was too quick too respond she likes skinship so kinda Tae Joon was like…Really? Hahaha! These two are very genuine and natural. Love them ^_^

    • Rhia

      I know!! He was like, so i dont need to hold back anymore? Hahaha

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