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We Got Married TaeJoon Bomi Ep 20 Engsub


  1. pine

    OMG FINALLY!!! It looks like they are REAL and the way Taejoon kissed Bomi’s forehead he looks really inlove. yaayyyy

  2. emgphils

    I have never commented before on the time allotted to Tae-Bom giving MBC the definite of the doubt. But in this case, why too short MBC??!!! It’s their 100 days celebration . . . . and first kiss too!!! and overall time including preview is less than 20 mins.??? Why??!!!

    This is an AWESOME episode, the turning point of Tae-Bom. I bet succeeding episodes will be blast ~

    • gRaCe

      I have the same sentiment. On the other hand, I’m just thinking that maybe MBC is trying to give each couple an alternate week from shortest airtime to the longest? But I’m really hoping that they will give TaeBom much airtime now that they are more open and comfortable towards each other. But still I love these two and hoping for more sweets episodes for them. Aja Aja Fighting TaeBom ^_^

    • Anonymous

      Yeah , agree with you.and MBC give the BORING couple almost 30min every week.it’s really unfair for the couple and the fans like me.

      • gRaCe

        I am really hoping MBS is listening to TaeBom’s fans. And I truly think that among the present wgm couples, they are the most genuine…

  3. Pinkz

    I wait for a week just to watch less than 20min of my favorite couple this ep.. TT

  4. gRaCe

    Why do I have this feeling that Bomi was expecting Tae Joon to kiss her on the lips? I noticed it the way she moved her lips right before Tae Joon’s coming towards her…Am I right or am I right Bomi? LOL ^_^

  5. Anonymous

    Is there maybe some of you guys who understnd what they’re talking about in living room? In the preview? Bomi looks so sad. 🙁

  6. gRaCe

    I read some comments on youtube during the last part of the teaser for next week, Tae Joon was telling Bomi not to cry. Why oh why? What is happening? Eng sub please come quick!

    • Anonymous

      And if this is means that they will receive red card about their last ep? Noooooo they have to do so many things yet…i dont want think it 🙁

      • gRaCe

        I hope it’s not yet the end for them. There are still a lot of things that they haven’t done together unlike the other wgm couples in the past. MBC please don’t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Anonymous

          I think taejoon just do roleplay he acting in missing 9

          • gRaCe

            I really hope so…My heart isn’t ready yet to bid goodbye for these two lovely couple ^_^

  7. Anonymous

    I thought taejoon gonna kiss bomi lips.hehehe.

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