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We Got Married Taemin Naeun Ep 1 Engsub


  1. Anonymous

    still hoping that they’re still in contact

    • Anonymous

      100%agree still waiting for them to be tgt

      • Taeunshipper

        Me too ,im still waiting for them , i will never ever give up

  2. Anonymous

    Compared to other couple, they look so real <3

  3. Anonymous

    how to download this?

  4. Andreyabella

    Taemin said he was divorced after few weeks from we got married ended. Guys why do you think Taemin said he doesn’t want to get married in his recent interview?
    So he’s single but if he is not, the person he is with might be disappointed of him saying he might never get married. Taemin doesn’t look like a person who would pubblicly say something that will hurt his partner. From what he said, it seems like he is single, does that mean they are not together? So Naeun and Taemin were never a couple? And we got married was only a tv show? Like the drama minho and naeun are in? It’s frustrating how everybody is saying how she has more chemistry with minho in their drama than with Tae on wgm. It will be difficult to watch their wgm ep from which l use to find joy. Thinking of what Tae said, My taeun ship is crumbling right now. 

    • Taeunshipper

      I feel u

    • Panda

      However, you can still find cues through the silver bracelet. Even until the latest Adidas CF, Naeun still wearing it…

    • Taeun

      Idk I honestly think he just said that because when they were still doing WGM together, Naeun was bashed A LOT, you can see an example on ep 4, which is why throughout the show Taemin have said “I want to protect you” to Naeun countless of time, you could also search videos on YT about them, for example search up “What happened to Taemin and Naeun?” I think it’s a very convincing video with a lot of “proofs” as to why they avoid each other in front of camera and fans, I’m not suggesting that they are secretly dating (I’m hoping though). If he is single and he said that then it might’ve mean that he doesn’t want to make a girl suffer because of his fans so he would rather not get married and be single for the rest of his life after seeing the damages it can cause to the girl he choose to love or he just said that for the sake of these crazy delusional obsessive fangirls sanity.. I do honestly think that they still have mutual feelings towards each other but Taemin would want to protect her in front of the camera or the public from his fans so they choose ignore each other, they can’t even bow or smile to each other because of the fans, they’re the reason as to why their marriage ended early, mostly their hate towards Naeun and the constant demand to get Taemin off of the show for the reason of the fans not wanting him to fall in love with her but it’s obvious that Taemin wants to though, he’s emotions show clearly through his face, he’s very easy to read..

      • Glodaya

        I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOUR COMMENT!!! It’s saddening to me (after watching the proof on youtube on why they avoid each other but consistently steal looks lmfao) that they don’t acknowledge each other publicly because of the fans that bash Naeun, but I mean if he knows that it will keep Naeun safe, then that’s what he will do! And tbh I do feel like that they still have feelings for each other, I mean come on now they were married. Yeah it might have been fake, but to them, they created something real between each other, and who knows what went on behind the off-screen cameras hahahhah ANYWHO I STILL SHIP. EVERYONE WHO BASHED NAEUN CAN GET A BASH FROM ALL THE TAEUN SHIPPERS FISTS LMFAO

      • Anonymous

        And it made me so sad because you could see that Naeun had to be more restrained in a sense. Like people would always say that it looks like Taemin like her more but it was obvious that she HAD to be more restrained to avoid the hate which really sucks.

    • ThePowerOfLove

      Everything Taemin is saying on interviews are the opposite from what he really feels. If u look closely the Taemin before and after WGM you could tell the difference on how he approach questions regarding relationships. despite the filtering of the Q&As. And if you’re still worried, observe his members’ reactions esp. Key.

      Don’t u think avoiding Na Eun in public events is for Naeun’s protection? If we talk about who got more HATE is none other than Naeun. Since Taemin got SO MANY FANGIRLS. And you know how some crazy fangirls react when their idols are LIKING a girl IN REAL LIFE. Don’t worry since 2013 until now (5 years now) Taemin’s feelings remain the same, all for his love Naeun. And regarding Naeun’s feelings for him? IT DIDN’T CHANGE. Believe me. It’s just cute how most fans of them are worried about them avoiding each other in public events, believe in the power of their feelings. <3

    • Anonymous

      Can I have the link of the interview

    • Anonymous

      She didn’t said she will never married, he said he doesn’t think yet about Marriage as he’s young

  5. dee fortune casey

    why i cant watch this video? can you tell me another link to watch this couple?

  6. Anonymous

    Taeun part 2 please? I can’t stop watching this both. They was soooo cute

  7. Monash

    I love these two lovebirds they suit each other… hopefully they still seen or a phone call away with each other all these year…if they have that means they are like ninjas
    keeping their relationship in secret
    I will always love and support you too no matter what.

    all the way from OZLAND

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