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We Got Married Taemin Naeun Ep 1 Engsub


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    How to download this please

    • Anonymous

      right click on the video then choose save as

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        cannot, it save as webpage and html, not video

        • Anonymous

          Are you using cellphone? If yes, click the down arrow at the top right. It will start downloading once you click it. I don’t know if it’s available in pc.

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      Hold the video

  2. ThePowerOfLove

    Everyone especially to those who love our TAEUN couple! May I have your attention please.

    Key said in the first episode, “I’m worried for you. Your face/mouth really shows how you really feel about a person”.

    On Taemin’s interviews:

    BEFORE WGM (2010 / 2011)
    Taemin: I want someone who only looks at me like a sunflower.

    DURING WGM (2013)
    Host: You are now in WGM with another girl idol. Who is your wife?
    TM: Son Na Eun.
    Host: Na Eun Son? Many are saying that your feelings are MORE visible towards Na Eun?
    TM got flustered on how to answer the question.
    TM: It’s quite difficult (to answer the question)…
    A fan question came on: From 0 – 100 rate your feelings for Son Na Eun. TM took a while before he answered the question.
    TM: … 100… 100!

    Episode 7:
    (Before bungee jumping)
    Man: They say if you say something while jumping it can come true.

    (About to jump)
    TM: Na Eun-ah I’ll protect you!

    Episode 14:
    (TM was scheduled to go to Japan for one whole month)
    NE: Don’t forget about me~

    (TM hugs NE while saying)
    TM: I’ll be back.

    (TM black room interview)
    TM: It’s depressing and makes me angry. My feelings are already going to her. Shall I go? Shall I go and meet her separately (date NE outside WGM)?

    Episode 18:
    (TM letter to NE with the bracelet)
    “Na Eun-ah wear this bracelet as this will give u strength. I want to protect you.”

    (TM calls Kai (EXO). Kai hands the phone to NE)
    TM: Na-Eun-ah~ don’t u miss me?
    NE: I miss you.

    Episode 24:
    TM while looking at NE sincerely.
    TM: How much does your heart has opened now?
    NE: I won’t tell.
    TM: It has opened completely, right?’
    NE: No. How would u know?
    TM: I just know.
    NE: You don’t know.
    TM: I know.
    NE: How?
    …after a few seconds…
    NE: Yes (shyly). I think it has opened for you.

    During Taemin’s black room interview:
    I want to hear her say that she likes me or hear the words coming from her own mouth since I like her so much that I want to hear that she likes me too.

    Episode 25:
    TM: Can’t you see and feel that I like you very much?
    NE: No, I can’t.

    TaeMin holds her hands.
    TM: Saranghae (i love you).
    NE: Nado (me too).

    Episode 26:
    After the fight (Taemin pranks Naeun to see how she really feels for him)
    TM: I’m sorry Naeun-ah~ I wanted to see you cry or angry. Because I like you very much.
    NE: If you really like me why do u want to see me cry?
    TM: Because I like you so much that I want to see another side of you.

    Episode 36:
    (TM covers her ears thru the earmuffs)
    TM: Na-Eun-ah~ I missed you~
    NE: I missed you everyday.

    Now isn’t these exchange of words more than enough? And note all these happened when they were looking at each other’s eyes so intently? The feelings ARE so real. They’ve always been real. Taemin’s cheekbones flying into the sky! And observe them closely after WGM. Taemin’s feelings keep getting stronger. Watch him/them on Gayo Daejun, SMA, GDA, Korea Sale Festival moments. Even that very moment in MCountdown 2016 when they were against each other. Taemin was very nervous (why would he even be nervous, they won, only because he was against Na Eun). Minho even teased him. Aigoo~ these two. So in love after all these years.

    • NSJ

      i really like ur comment!! jinjja!!!! i hope taeun shippers still strong!!! wait the wedding news from them ^__^

    • Anonymous

      I like them very much. I just want them both to be happy

    • pat

      This makes my heart flutter

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    • Anonymous

      Well said

    • ac

      That’s true, I also noticed that Taemin, always says “I will protect you”. It’s a remarkable word for me. I think today, that after the show, the only thing he can do to protect Naeun from hatred is to stay far away from each other. The same thing what Naeun is doing. Because of the so called fans, she’s been receiving unnecessary words and names. I just hope them for the best.

  3. Anonymous

    Wow… waiting for their marriage news

  4. Anonymous

    I strongly believe they are in a relationship …..

  5. Anonymous

    someone please help me out. how do i download it? not on phone but on laptop

    • Anonymous

      You can download it by starting the video then right button of your mouse then “save as video”

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    i cant play this video:(

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    Yehey! I’ve been searching for this for too long!

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