Taemin Naeun

We Got Married Taemin Naeun Ep 17 Engsub


  1. Anonymous

    I love this couple only if my co-shawol didn’t do something bad to naeun just support them! i really love thim im a fan of shinee ad=nd i saw some malicious comments about naeun being close to taemin there’s A LOT of negative! they’re really annoying their really match each other well tho~

  2. Anonymous

    Sameee i love love looove taemin and naeun together. also taemin looks really and i mean Reeeeally happy with naeun i can’t believe how fans could say those negative things. uurgh kpop fans really annoy me sometimes even tho I’m a army/exo-l (prob the biggest fandoms to also say shit like that like that)

  3. Anonymous

    Yeaaahh. I can’t believe how some people can do that and still call themselves a fan. like NO, ur here to support not to bash

  4. Anonymous

    lmaoo the managers hahahahh i could totally date shinee’s manager like just saying

  5. Anonymous

    I actually like them. But I feel sorry to the both of them. I think it is obvious that the two are really in love (?) that they really like each other but because of “some immature” fans, I feel like they are holding back.

  6. Anonymous

    Omg everyone is soooooo right like stop they look so fucking cute together and you can see that they are really happy

  7. Anonymous

    Been watching this again and again, i really hope they last longer in the show, but what can we do if some fans doesn’t really care about the happiness of their idol, i just hope they support them instead of bashing Naeun, she really makes taemin happy. I’m still hoping for a good news, even though it’s been years already. Still holding on, on them,..

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