Taemin Naeun

We Got Married Taemin Naeun Ep 21 Engsub


  1. ro

    Im gonna die. WHAT DID HE WHISPER . GOD.

  2. Michelle

    Omo.. I think he whisper “naeunah~ i really falling love with you” hahahahhahaha

  3. Pretty me

    I think this couple have true feelings for each other. But after WGM their act like nothing happened after all.

    • Mememe

      Yes omg, i feel like that too!
      They sure have feelings for each other TAT)
      But they cant really show it outside the show…..

  4. Anonymous

    its so fcking slow .

  5. Anonymous

    at the beginning, they look like a young couple driving home from Sunday service at the church. so cute ^^

  6. shyshaeshy

    it’s almost 2017, but every time i feel sad about Taeun’s current situation, I always comeback to this episode. I feel like this is one of their most honest conversations. TT.TT i miss them

    • Stan

      Oh yes! You’re not alone! I love them sooo much! I’m still hoping that they still love each other

      • 사왈판다

        “even in everyday life, I wasn’t saying everything I wanted to say”
        Until now I’m still holding on bec of this line, especially at times when they act like they don’t care about each other, like they haven’t even gone through WGM. On those times when Taemin denies his feelings for Naeun and just acts non chalant about her.
        I don’t know, my mind keeos going back to this scene~

  7. Asdfghjkl

    I wish they’ll be a real couple in the feature. From the start of WGM they are the one that i love the most. I’m a solid fan of them

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