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We Got Married Taemin Naeun Ep 25 Engsub


  1. mischa

    I really can’t watch this couple anymore. They’ve been together how long? Taemin tries so hard to get close to her and she’s still cold about it. Every episode feels like their second date. So frustrating.

    • saranghe23

      Stop being an ass we don’t need your bad opinions

    • Dana

      I know, but its kinda cute, plus they are both very shy. I personally think they’ve improved a lot from what you call their “second date”. Are u sure your not just biased towards Taemin? Naeun now actually reveals her feelings unlike before and being a couple takes time! It might seem that they’ve been together for super long but they probably only saw each other about only 26 times or so? and only one day? be patient and don’t give hate, thanks!

      • Anonymous

        They filmed once a day every 2 weeks or so. I would act the same as her, esp when he declares love (given this is not scripted). It looks like he likes the idea of being in love, but not the actuall person, at least that is what I got from his answer to why he likes her

    • Anonymous

      I think maybe you are one of those Shawols who are insecure to Naeun. Like DUH? If you really watched every episodes here, you can say that she is expressing herself. And FYI, she is not cold. So if you are just gonna comment shits like this, I am telling you. Don’t even FVCKING think of giving you opinion. You will just earn some haters.

  2. shyshaeshy

    If you just really watch intently and stop complaining, you would really notice their development as a couple here. This was and still is one of my favorite episodes until now. I really don’t know why I really love this couple. TT.TT

  3. Anonymous

    One of my fave episode for this adorable couple..hope they still keep in touch even if in a secret…

  4. Anonymous

    Taemin whispered something… Saranghae?

    • Anonymous

      in which second exactly??

      • Anonymous

        At 19:00, you can hear him whispering “i love you”. They were holding hands and he wanted to prove her his true feelings. The fact that he whispered it for not being heard by the staff means a lot.. I don’t know how many times I replied it, I could feel the emotions, the feeling in his voice, in his eyes… And they stopped the clip there. I think if they would have been alone, maybe they would have kissed .. ? Anyway, I’m sure about the feelings. They are the only couple which was progressing so slowly, because they were actually learning about each other, and really falling in love, compared to the other couples who were saying “my husband”, “darling”, etc. I’m not saying those couples were wrong, I mean it’s we got married and that’s the purpose. But for Taemin and Naeun, that was different… That’s probably why the fans hated Naeun so much, and they had to stop so early the show. The fans couldn’t bare to see their biais in love. That’s so sad actually. Anyway, I am really sure that they were sincere. For the people who misunderstand Naeun. That’s probably because you don’t kow this kind of personnality. She probably loved him more than he dis actually. She is really the romantic and shy type, she would feel a lot of emotions, but just inside and won’t express it. So basically, she is the kinf od person to suffer alone.. That’s why I think it’s a really good thing she met him. They are so different and so alike.. I can’t with this couple. Anyway, we just saw the relationship of a real first love, guys !

        • Anonymous

          Agree!it’s like watching the goguma couple..progressing slowly and learning new things together…but these 2 kids definitely were in love

        • ThePowerOfLove

          I LOVE YOU SO MUCH for saying that comment for this couple. I feel like you are not an ordianry shipper. A hardcore TaEunian? I see. Many really DID NOT KNOW that he did say I LOVE YOU to Naeun during that holding hands part. And Naeun responded, ME TOO.
          And I see and totally feel you when u said that part ACTUALLY MEANT A LOT because it was a whisper for her ears only but (maybe) Taemin didn’t expect that could be gotten/heard by the sensitivity of the mic he was using. I actually liked it so much when many people didn’t get that part (I too didn’t hear it not until someone told me) since that was extra, effin’ romantic for a man to utter those words to the girl he dearly likes. Since episode 1 we can clearly see how much Taemin had his eyes on her. He can really looked at her for like hours and can just be the happiest man alive. Believe me, those kind of feelings won’t easily go away. Especially if they are each other’s FIRST LOVE. No matter how much time passed by, if those feelings were nurtured and taken care by each of them then we can say they are still together. Many haters won’t like this because they feel TM is their property but how can they own him when HIS HEART HAS ALWAYS BEEN WITH NAEUN. Watching the BRIs felt more sincere. They talked to the staff/s freely about how they felt for that episode and TaeMin has been repeating himself that he wanted her, he likes her, he had his eyes on her and Naeun also said it, he only had her eyes on Taemin Oppa. Those responses are more than enough to say that they love each other. The reason why they’re different from other couples because the development of their feelings was clearly slowly (that’s what real first love is) and genuine. They call each other, stupid, fool, sea cucumber, sea anemone but behind those words are hidden words telling each other that they love this stupid and fool for real.

          • Anonymous

            Yes, you’re right. I am a bit ashamed to say it I think I became a hardcore shipper. Actually I watched them a really looong time ago (1 or 2 years ago I thnik). But I didn’t see all those things. It was a little bit like a marathon of WGM lol. I remember I thought “oh they are so cute”. But I really didn’t like the last 4 episodes. I don’t know I couldn’t tell what but, something changed. He changed. He looked cold, more mature, and not expressing himself, as if he wanted to end it. Because I am a little bit like Naeun, I really thought she was too much in love with him, and would feel really hurt (last episode especially). BUT what I didn’t know, it’s that they were bashed at that time, and that they has to end it earlier because of his fans (I didn’t know Taemin and Naeun as idols before). What amazed me is that I felt it, I felt INSIDE that something changed. But then a few weeks ago, I discovered them after what happened to Jonhyung tahnks to a video on youtube “what happened to taemin and naeun”. I watched it again because now I knew the context. And I just became ADDICT to them. I watched so many times those episodes, videos on youtube, pictures. I am ususally not a shipper AT ALL. I don’t think it’s correct for idols to do that. But for them I don’t know it was TOO REAL, like Romeo and Juliet from the Kpop World…. I really do think they are still together at the moment (the hints from Naeun, stages..). I don’t know if it’s gonna last but I am just hoping I guess. I feel so ridicule to hope for that, and to write somethnig this long .. But I don’t know how to express it, I am really a sensitive person, and I could FEEL absolutely everything. I smiled so much. I agree with everything you said. I mean just look at the way he embraced her hands when he said “I love you” here. And this feeling when you can’t keep yourself to touch the one you love. And then this greed to want more. I think they really didn’t want to care about the cameras, but just do what they wanted to do, to not waiste their time together. That’s probably why they were so frustrated when they were not alone.. Anyway I’m so sorry for the people who’s gonna read all those things (if they are lol). I guess I just wanted to confess all the things I felt. I will wait until they admit their mariage I guess ? But one thing is sure, I’m gonna accept it if they are gonna end with someone else. If I ship them so hard, it’s just because I REALLY do think they are together.

          • Anonymous

            your comments are just so on-point, I really felt the same way too.

        • Anonymous

          Well said

  5. Anonymous

    I personally think its pretty pathetic to comment bad things about a couple u dont even know. like i dunno its just sad how some people obsess about someone elses life that much

  6. Anonymous

    Why is it not working?

  7. I still hope for this couple… Tauen… I hope they still contact each other

    • PM

      Really want this couple to end up together and marry for real.

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