Taemin Naeun

We Got Married Taemin Naeun Ep 30 Engsub


  1. zara

    I want minho to do WGM … love him so much .. by the way i love this couple.. they r awesome

    • Mariëlle

      I want Jonghyun to do it hè was sooooo cute in hello baby so hè Should be even cuter on WGM ❤️

      • Bring jonghyun back

        Our wish will never come true now

        • Anonymous

          Am missing him so much watching him laugh in this video made me cry

          • Anonymous

            He deserved it though, He deserve to in a better place, where he can express himself freely and happily

          • Anonymous

            He is now a star watching us from above with a smile

  2. miho

    Naeun is really shy & pure girl…you can see it by the way she move and speak..

  3. kfc

    my heart is aching watching this two…wish they’ll be together if they really love each other…even if it takes a long time…

  4. andra

    I will never get tired watching this two together..I wish they’d gonna end up together someday..❤️❤️❤️

  5. Anonymous

    I love them❤️

  6. Anonymous

    Taeun ❤️ Forever

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