Taemin Naeun

We Got Married Taemin Naeun Ep 36 Engsub


  1. ELFish_petal

    I’m almost finished to watching it.
    NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! I DON’T WANT IT TO END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      OMG me toooooo!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t believe this!!!!!!!!!! we wathed this on the same day though

      • Zye

        Same goes with me..i wonder what should i watch after this. It will be very hard to see nauen cried and taemin even chocked while singing.. This is my second time but still heart fluttering..hope to see them again someday.

    • Anonymous

      Me too

  2. 47500

    i already watch this couple since last year but couldn’t watch the 2 last episodes .too sad to watch

  3. Anonymous

    The agony of being an idol…
    They cannot do things they really wanted to do… Why do people so cruel
    As we could see, though maybe its scripted the couples feelings showed up, and it real…. Its real they reall love each other…. Ommmoo i cried for almost three hours after finishing it up to the last episode…. I can feel thier heart breaking… The tears that taemin holding back… Nauena’s feeling is real same with taemin… Fighting guys you are destined to be with each other… Though it happens many years back you cannot erase the memories ….make it real taemin and naena…

    Count me in as one of your avid fan…
    I really u both..

    • Glodaya

      I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU! Like I’m a fan of Taemin (and the rest of Shinee hehehe) but like hearing that they avoid each other cause of haters (Taemins jealous fans) is just realllly annoying. I mean I know you love him and all but do you actually love him? if you did you would let him and Naeun be with their mutual feelings. I still root for these two!!!!! IDC ABOUT THE HATERS, THEY CAN F*** THEMSELVES☺️

    • Anonymous

      it is a scrip 30% may b. if that all a scrip they can’t express their true feeling like that even they act to be shy it not like how it used to be I can see they show real feeling to each other I think it scrip only when the conversation get boring or they don’t have nth to talk that just my opinion

    • ThePowerOfLove

      Don’t worry. They are doing JUST FINE today.
      If you are curious about them just know that they are happy.
      There might be many people who are against them but remember that those kind of feelings they had in WGM won’t easily be brushed off, won’t be brushed off by time nor by people. It grows into a very beautiful thing called, togetherness.

  4. Nouna

    It is my third time watched this …. I still hope they are end up together and I don’t want this end

  5. Anonymous

    I’m sorry..but can you tell me how to watch this video..thankyou

  6. Anonymous

    I cant watch this video

  7. Anonymous

    2 0 1 8
    T A E U N

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