Taemin Naeun

We Got Married Taemin Naeun Ep 9 Engsub


  1. SNE

    around 16:58 you can see the top left corner around where the piano is getting distorted, and shadow in the bottom left corner… probably to hide the the camera crew? or are there more edits/cuts to make the show seem less scripted than it actually is? still entertaining though lol

    • Anonymous

      It’s not that scripted as you guys think it is :3

    • Blank

      Well if u saw the scene right after that where taemin fell to the ground u can see the green grass carpet is naturally like that

  2. Is this show scripted??i wondered abt this for a very long time

    • Roo

      They give ideas and some tips of conversations, but it’s not all scripted as people think it is

  3. Lalaine Molts

    How to download this?

  4. Glodaya

    If they don’t think that dance was sexy enough, I think they would take back their words once they watch Taemin perform ‘Move’ and ‘Press your number’ live. They would all be pregnant + the boys LMFAO. He (and the rest of Shinee) are the definition of Sexy hahahahaa

  5. Anonimosss

    So cute.

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